"The trainers at Pawssibilities llc are very very special people. They go above and beyond what you could hope for in a trainer for your dog. I never had even a doubt that my dog was safe, happy, and well looked after, and was amazed at the daily changes we watched from their videos. These girls plus their staff
are the best! Don't look any farther! Call them!"

"What a life changing experience training my Aussie with the help of Nicole and Hilary! He went from pulling and almost impossible to walk on a leash, to walking at my side without even having a leash on! Highly recommended! I now use them for boarding whenever I need to! Such a great feeling knowing your pup is being taken care of by people with so much knowlege and respect for them! Thank you a bunch!"

"Hilary and Nicole were able to find the absolute perfect service dog for my teenage daughter so she can live a full life with her best friend by her side knowing she is safe in any situation. Not only are they kind and caring but extremely knowledgeable in dog training as well as mental health issues. I can not recommend them enough!"

"My Service dog Amelia was trained by Pawssibilities, LLC. I couldn't be happier with her training. She is desensitized to every social situation and doesn't get nervous in public! Thank you to Hilary, Nicole and their staff for an amazing training experience and for being so personable!"

"Hilary and Nicole are truly gifted. We had our dog trained as a Service Dog for our daughter. I can literally say that this dog has saved my daughters life. The professionalism and quality of training is clearly visible every time Maya works. We get compliments after compliments. The transformation from a hyper GSD that never listened to a well trained obedient and attentive service dog is absolutely amazing. Hillary and Nicole are always there for the millions of questions, calls, text, emails and even refreshers. They are very responsive and caring. I highly recommend them.
- Lucy C"

"We used Pawssibilities to watch Otis, our French Bulldog. They did an outstanding job, Otis was very happy and a happy Otis makes me very very happy. Excellent job. Paul T"

"I’m am grateful for the staff and while they are training Hillary is awesome with being in contact with you. Great about answering questions."

"When I first came across Hillary and Nicole I knew they were the trainers for me! They are so accommodating to you and your schedule not just their own. They have helped me train my goldendoodle from puppy to service dog! They had Kelsey crate trained, potty trained as well as knowing basic commands such as sit, lay down, and come. You never have to worry about having a question cause they are always available even after the training program is done. I was struggling and unable to get a service dog due to the cost as well as the training requirements they needed by me. Thanks to Hillary I now have a service dog, best friend, and a family pet as well!"

"Hilary and Nicole are the best! They trained our 2 dogs for 2 weeks and the boys came back much more confident. It was wonderful for us to be able to communicate better. Hilary and Nicole were able to patiently explain how to improve behaviour. They love our dogs and understand their individual personalities. They area always available to answer questions and follow ups.I can't say enough about these 2 amazing ladies!"

"A wonderful place for dogs to learn as well as their owners! Theses ladies love what they do and treat the dogs with that love. It was AMAZING what they did in 2 weeks. Our puppy is off leash, great playmate with our grandson and has great manners!  Don’t hesitate to send your dog or puppy!"

"Hilary and Nicole are absolutely wonderful trainers! They kept me so informed during my Lucy’s entire training process!! Any issues were handled appropriately and discussed with me to keep me informed. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend them (AND DO!) to anyone and everyone who compliments me on my service dog.

Plus, it’s obvious your dog gets some SERIOUS lovin’ and goes on some sweet adventures while they’re away... could you give your child a better experience?! Send them to these ladies— They’ll be in great hands!"

"Hillary and Nicole are wonderful people who are knowledgable, compassionate and VERY good at what they do! I believe them 100% in their guarantee, and 100% in their service. I strongly recommend them."

"Hilary and Nicole do amazing work! We left Tucker, our Great Dane, with them for the 2 week board and train program while we went on vacation. Although he was already trained, to a certain extent, we came home to an even better trained dog! Hilary did an amazing job with him. She also trained him to be a therapy dog. Which I am so excited to start! Thank you ladies and good luck with your endeavors! I will definitely be spreading the word ❣❣"

"Nicole and Hillary were absolutely amazing. They changed my dog in ways that I did not think were even possible! Any dog I have in the future will go through training with them, and I highly recommend anyone looking for a trainer to go through them!"

"Hiliary and Nicole were absolutely amazing! The training that they provided absolutely changed our lives with our dog! We had been to 2 other trainers and spent thousands of dollars and we just weren’t abetting any where. Hiliary and Nicole knew exactly what they were doing and I can’t recommend them enough!"

"There are not enough words to express to Nicole and Hillary how appreciative for they way they took care of our pup. I was extremely apprehensive to let my dog go through this process. I would say that I’m not a very trusting person when it comes to letting someone, I don’t know, take my dog and take care of something so precious to me! I can unequivocal and without hesitation say I would recommend these two ladies to everyone and anyone. They did an amazing dog in training our pup. And I truly know that she was in such loving and capable hands. Thank you thank you thank you. These words would never be enough!!

Sophee’s proud and thankful mom!"

"Phil is a amazing trainer! Nothing but good things to say. Highly recommended to anyone looking for top notch service."

"Phillip is an awesone trainer. My dog used to pull on the leash and now he heels by my side. I couldnt of asked for a better training experience. Thank you Pawssibilities!"

"Thank you for being some amazing trainers! Best experience and now I walk my dog instead of my dog walking me."